Now what?

Now what?

So I just bought a 2004 E60 530d. Now what? Do I just drive to work and back? In fact, that was the initial idea when I told the insurance I’d drive no more than 6.000 km per year. I didn’t take into account that driving this car is immensely fun and not only would I increasingly rarely ride my motorcycle to work but also go on fun rides on the weekend (or whenever else I had time). But more to that in later entries.

To this date I saw a car as one big functioning machine – I wouldn’t dare to interfere with it. Removing some cover? Well, I’d rather not. This will also be covered in later entries, though.

Before that let’s take a look at the first days after I bought the car. As a reminder: I bought it on Sep 17 2015. On Sep 24 I got the first workshop-bill. Besides the brakes which I knew were busted and some minor issues like readjusting the driver’s door and recalibrating the roof-window I was told that the transverse was damages (which also caused the brake’s wore-out). It finally cost about 1.200€. Just two weeks later it was at the shop again for over 500€, I don’t quite remember what it was that time.

Those would luckily be the most costly repairs up to the creation of this blog in January 2017.

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