Get me up to speed

Get me up to speed

Being the IT-guy that I am, I tried to get my car updated to the most recent software version.

I mainly wanted to get the newer look on my screen and also hoped for some performance upgrades which some people claimed to have experienced. As working the CCC can take rather long I thought: Well, why not do it?

Today I went to a dealer nearby and had a quick chat about the matter. He strongly advised me to not have it done for multiple reasons. Firstly, the improvements I hoped for weren’t even that great (I was a little scared to tell him I wanted my background to be grey instead of brown).

Also there’s a risk of an infinite number of control units to completely fail beyond repair. The best part, though: I’d have to pay for that infinite number of failed control units. Why new BMW software, created by BMW and updated by a certified BMW employee on an original BMW could cause such issues and mainly why I had to cover for eventual repair costs, he couldn’t tell me unfortunately.

A colleague sitting nearby and asked about the matter had the ultimate horror story for annoying customers like me to tell:
(Legends say) there once was someone who had the software update done on an E61. It led to over 60 control units to fail. The guy finally decided to buy a new car as it wasn’t worth it.

Finally, what he didn’t say but I clearly understood: It is a pain in the ass to do, not even mentioning if something would go wrong. They really try very hard to avoid having to do this.

My inquiry to BMW about why the customer had to cover for those costs stayed unanswered after having sent them more detailed info on me (name and address, VIN, etc.) on request until the day of this blog’s creation (10 months). I might actually ask about that inquiry at some point in the future.

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