Parking Wars

Parking Wars

Wait, what? Some asshole sprayed my car with WD-40 or something.

First things first:
Since I got my car the parking situation has changed a bit. The driveway is often blocked by my parent’s cars and during the summer by my motorcycle, so I need to park on the street. My parents say in the ~25 years they lived there no one has ever parked at that spot.

I really don’t get why since it really is as narrow as everywhere else. Technically this parking spot is 100% legal. People may not be able to drive their usual 50km/h but they’re only allowed 30 anyways. The neighbor might need to pull up his driveway a little slower but that’s way safer anyways.

Now, I’ve been parking there every few days for a while now and suddenly, when driving home in the afternoon I saw this when looking out the passenger’s window:

At first I thought, some idiot must’ve done this during the day but luckily we have a security cam covering our driveway including that small bit on the street where I park. Since the guy came by night I can’t identify him but I clearly saw him spraying. I’m pretty sure which neighbor it is but not as sure as to confront him (or get a WD-40 can of my own).

I assume the wind must have carried away his note saying ‘Would you be so kind to park your car elsewhere?’ and also no one was ever home when he came by to tell me in person – because surely I would have parked elsewhere from then on.

Long story short: While I did try to find an ‘actual’ parking spot before that incident, I keep parking there every single time I can’t park in the driveway – just to piss that guy off who thought ‘Hey, why not just spray WD-40 on that guy’s window?’.

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