Eyes in the back of my head

Eyes in the back of my head

What could be better than installing an aftermaket rear view cam? Alright, installing an original one could be slightly better.

Let’s start at the beginning, though.

I’d ordered a camera plus the control unit for it. The control unit is put behind the screen and connected to named screen, as well as the car’s main control unit. Alright, that’s easy. The fun part was to get the cable from the camera in the trunk to the front, since I decided to not trust any wireless cams (interference and stuff..).

Luckily I found a very very well written DIY on e60-forum.de which took me through the process. The first image actually shows the mess in the trunk, including said manual lying around. The second shows the front – it was quite some work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Further images show the evidence I sent to the camera’s manufactory to support my claim that their product is no more than electronically powered horse shit. I think, those pictures talk for themselves. The broom in the images was not moved – the picture with the shitty image is my camera, the good picture is taken from my dad’s car with an OEM-cam whilst standing in the very same spot.

I was able to get my money back on that one and bought a different camera. I do not have any images of that but it is much better. Obviously not as good as the OEM one but I didn’t expect that (for the money I spent). First one was ~90€, second one 20€ by the way.. So yeah, that’s that.

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