Upgrading localization

Upgrading localization

Before, I’ve tracked my car using unwiredlabs which uses localization based on WiFi-networks. That data is scaringly accurate, however, it would sometimes be wrong by ~100m. Additionally, sometimes there just are no WiFi-networks around. For localization three networks are required which often are just not around. Hence, I wanted to switch to GPS-based localization.

I bought the GY-GPS6MV2 for 10€ off Amazon. There are multiple manuals describing how to wire the thing to your Raspberry Pi, it really is not too complicated. After some tweaking, my car could be located with an accuracy of 15m or better – at least that’s what it claims itself. Looking at the coordinates on Google Maps seems to support this, though.

I now can locate my car anywhere at any time. Obviously, GPS-reception is limited as well but it is way better than relying on scanned WiFi-networks.

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