A bit shady

This entry is dedicated to all the sweat and blood (literally) I put into making my car even more shady.

First two show the before and after of replacing the front grills. They now aren’t so shiny anymore and as black as my some unnamed people’s souls.
Third one on the right shows the work I let other people do so I wouldn’t lose any more sweat than I lost whilst replacing those grills.

Replacing them really was very annoying. You can’t really get your hands to where you need them. If my hands had been just 1cm wider I’d had to remove the whole front bumper for this. ‘Luckily’ they weren’t so I was able to replace the grills with just some minor scratches and bruises. If you plan on doing this on your car: Just do it, those nipples really are unbreakable.

Tainting the windows isn’t really my kind of job so I had that done for 160€. I’m 100% certain that if I attempted to do this on my own it would have taken me at least 2 days and it would look so bad that I’d invest another day just to remove everything.
I’m very happy with the result now.

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