BMW-Syndikat Ashphaltfieber 2016

BMW-Syndikat Ashphaltfieber 2016

This entry is not only about the BMW-Syndikat Ashphaltfieber 2016 but also – really mainly – about what had to be done to get there. If you don’t care about that you can skip the big part and check out the last 2.5 paragraphs.

For about a week prior to the event I’ve heard some very annoying squeeking sound but just couldn’t locate it. It was around the time I decided I wanted to go to the Asphaltfieber on Jul 16th. I didn’t wanna stay there over night, just have the full Saturday to check the place out and look at cars. But how would people look at my car when it’s squeeking?

It was Thursday evening when I brought it in to have them get rid of the sound during Friday. I called on Friday afternoon about the status of the car – usually it just takes one day there, especially for something which what I thought was a minor repair.
On the phone they just told me they weren’t done since they didn’t find the issue, yet. Since they were optimistics they’d be done before they close I went by in the evening. I was told that they found the issue to be a faulty belt pulley which they’d put in just a few weeks back. Neither me nor them made the connection. It was just a plain manufacturing error. I’d get the replacement for free, that was for sure but it was Friday evening and I had planned to leave on Saturday morning. We discussed for a moment whether I’d be able to drive nevertheless – I’d driven the car for more than a week with that squeeking but would it survive 500km? They strongly advised against it since not only could I strand anywhere along the track but this could also completely blow the engine. Even though a week before I didn’t even know whether I’d go to that event or not, I’d still gotten really hyped over the last few days. I then made the (very very wise) decision to not take my chances and wait for the car to get fixed. They ordered replacements from multiple suppliers that evening to get at least one on Saturday – but couldn’t promise anything, obviously.

On Saturday morning I started packing some stuff, the phone always nearby – still no word. I then decided to pop by and see how it goes when I saw my car getting moved out of their garage. All fixed and ready to go! One supplier actually was able to send the part via overnight express. After a quick mandatory carwash-visit I was finally on the go at 1:30 pm, heaving a 3 hour-journey in front of me.
I was there by 4 pm – because BMW, empty roads plus me driving.

Since the way back would also take me 3 (respectively 2.5) hours, I decided to spend the night spontaneously. By that time I had already found some nice people I hung out with and had some drinks with, too.

We stopped the party at around 4am and went to get some sleep. Despite some who said I’d die sleeping on my car seat it actually wasn’t too bad while it lasted. I got up around 8, took a walk around the near-dead area and decided to leave shortly after (without saying good-bye to my newly aquired friends – I hope to see you next year!).

Below are a few pictures I took. It really is unbelievable!

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