Adding 0.4HP to the mix

Adding 0.4HP to the mix

The featured image probably gave it away: I painted my calipers. Many say this adds 0.1HP per wheel, totaling up to 0.4! I can approve of this calculation! Luckily, as I found out I do not need to officially register that extra power. I now secretly have 218.4HP – fools!

Obviously, there’s quite some work involved in this. If no lift can be used this is gonna be a real pain in the ass. Since the paint needs to dry for some hours I didn’t put back on the wheels before that. This equaled in a full weekend of work. I bought a caliper paint kit for just over 20€ and got going.

As smart as I am I chose the warmest day I could find with well over 30°C. This not only is the very best temperature for working at all but especially for working with wet paint which shall later be not wet anymore. The most annoying thing was my sweat running over my face and trying to drop into my bowl of mixed paint.

Somehow I managed to paint all 4 calipers and to be honest it doesn’t even look too bad. Many claim that if you paint them with a brush (instead of a spray can) you will see the strokes. You really have to get very close to my wheels to see them, though. And if you’re that close to my wheels you will most certainly have other problems than brush strokes.

Below are some pictures of the process.

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