Look at my new shoes

Look at my new shoes

It was actually quite an Odyssey until I finally had my new wheels mounted.

August 27 – I ordered some rims which I believed looked nice and weren’t too expensive. After placing the order I suddenly wasn’t so sure anymore whether they’d fit or not so I contacted the seller with detailed info on my make and model. He assured me that everything would be correct and that all certificates were included.

September 12 – The rims finally arrived – one was damaged.. I contacted the seller and he wanted to exchange it. He insisted that I could not bring the damaged rim to a delivery shop but it needed to get picked up by the delivery company. After exchanging some ‘I can’t be home all day’ and ‘I can’t control when the guy comes’ I just gave him the okay to pick up the rim – whenever.

September 17 – In the meantime I met with a befriended expert and he told me that in fact those rims would not fit my car. E-mails to the seller later showed that they’d made a mistake. I could get them approved anyways, he said.

September 19 – The guy came to pick up the package and nobody was home. The delivery agency phoned me and I told them I’d be home next Thursday between 12 and 2. No problem, they came and picked it up within the exact time frame. Tell me again how you can’t control when they’d come..
I’ve also been around to check if I can get those rims approved. I was told they couldn’t say for sure until the rims are mounted but the whole process would cost me around 200€ anyways.
I asked the seller what we’d do about that. He offered to pay half. I asked what’d happen if I mount the rims and couldn’t get them approved for whatever reason. ‘No returns if the rims are used!’, he said. I immediately startet the return-process.

September 21 – I bought other rims at a different shop. I had them send me the certificate beforehand and everything seemed fine.

September 26 – The shop told me that the rims are currently unavailable and they do not know when they can be delivered again.
Note that at that point of time I had paid a total of 1.700€ and no rims were in sight.

September 27 – The first shop was finally able to send me stamped address labels to send the remaining packages back to them.
I lost faith in everything and started looking on ebay for used wheels.  I quickly found barely used ones in the exact design I wanted and as good as new. However, I’d need to drive 2.5 hours each way to get them. He offered me to get them on the weekend. I decided to not wait any longer and got them in the evening after work.

September 28 – The second shop refunded me after 2 days (via PayPal).

September 30 – Package tracking shows me that my return shipment had arrived. I wait a few days since I guessed, they’d need a little time.

October 5 – Upon request the seller told me that they ‘haven’t recieved anything!’ and the rims ‘probably’ went to the manufacturer. I was so buffled about how stupid one single human being could possibly be as this guy had sent me the address I sent the rims to himself.

October 7 – After having bought 10mm-spacers which somehow are required to get those wheels approved, and since the rims are larger than my old ones having also bought a set of new tires I totaled 1.500€ – double of what I initialy intended to pay. However, I finally got them approved now and my car looks sick as fuck.

October 10 – After not having heard back from the first shop and not recieving any money I asked whether they had used my money for a profitable investment so at least one of us had any gain from this.

October 12 – I finally recieved confirmation via e-mail that I’d get my money back.

October 14 – The money is now on my bank account. I FUCKING PAID ON AUGUST 27!

Here are some images I won’t comment since I got angry again writing this.

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