Elighten me

Elighten me

A few months back already I changed the color of my eyebrows. You can read about it in the linked blog post.

Then, a few weeks ago I noticed that my left headlight had water in it. I immediately knew how it got there: While the silicon dried I wanted to check if it’s already dry – it was not. I pulled on it just a little and that obviously was enough to create a small crack allowing water to get in.

Luckily, the eyebrows have no connection to the actual headlight below so this matter didn’t need an urgent solution. I drove around with water in it for quite some time now, however, I removed the eyebrow as I feared it might get damaged by the water.

Of course, this made the hole much bigger which, in combination with bad weather, led to lots of water flowing in. Since this plus the fact that I’m driving around asymmetrically is not an ideal state I decided to finally try and get the water out of there today.

The first try was to use a compressor to blow the water out. I used a straw to aim into the small holes where usually the LEDs sit. After that didn’t work I got a tube which I hoped I could push further in. Firstly, this really wasn’t as easy as I thought and secondly, when I finally had the tube in I realized that this didn’t help much either.

I then did something which I tried to avoid since day 1: Removing the headlight altogether. To be honest: I don’t know why because it really isn’t that hard. There are just four screws to unscrew and two cables to disconnect (BMW with its pins and flaps and clips…). Maybe the hard part will be to put it back in – I’ll see.

Currently, the headlight is lying upside down in the house and I hope I can get all the moisture out of it properly. I’ll give you an update when it’s done.

Here are some pictures I took while taking the headlight out. Looks a bit weird without it:


UPDATE Feb 19:

As I feared, the headlight was not able to dry until this evening (to be fair, I just had it lying around). Luckily, I had bought two spare headlights in above mentioned eyebrow-project so I just put one of them in now. It’s non even Xenon so I couldn’t connect it but I don’t plan on driving in the dark anyways. Let’s just hope for the best in terms of bored policemen (“What do you mean my left headlight doesn’t work? oh, I need to have that checked, thank you!”).

UPDATE Feb 27 – Finally!

I just couldn’t get that water out. Finally someone gave me the ultimate advice: Ever been so baked that you baked your head light?


Jokes on you, this worked! Left it for about 3h at 50°C in the oven (see above). This still didn’t completely dry it and also everything got very hot inside. The next day I had it in again for about 3h, this time at 40°C for about 1½ hours and the rest at 45°C. The clue: I turned it around so the warm air could blow directly into the holes.

I finally was able to reseal it on Saturday (same procedure as in the other post) and wanted to install it on Sunday – only to discover that I missed a spot.

Well, after I let it dry for about 24h again I finally put it in! Let’s just hope it really is waterproof this time.


2 thoughts on “Elighten me

  1. Hi looks really nice

    Can you tell me the voltage and is it leds and where can I buy the leds from sorry my English is not very good.


    1. Hi,

      I got the LEDs with 3.6V (OVFSxxC8) on digikey. ‘xx’ varies with the LED’s color.
      I’m not sure they’re the most correct ones since I just chose them according to their 4pin-layout but they do work fine in my car.


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