New face, new life

New face, new life

I’ve wanted a new front bumper for a while now.
The old one would’ve needed a new paintjob anyways so I figured: Let’s just get a new M-look bumper.

I decided on a bumper off eBay for 185€. I thought: How bad could it be?
When it arrived on Monday, I was pretty happy about it – until I noticed that instead of ABS (as advertised) the bumper was made from PP. I will not attempt to write the complete names now.
As I read on the net, those two are of more or less equal quality so I didn’t bother with that any longer.
On Wednesday I had it painted and picked it up this morning.

After I failed to change the coolant before, I just couldn’t wait any longer and started to put the bumper on.

First I had to install all PDC sensors (no perfect fitment here) and place the cable. Also, the parts of the very annoying headlight cleaning system (spring, plate and cover) had to be taken from the old bumper – even worse fitment here.
Following that I put in the grilles and the old fog lights. Not even the grilles that came with it had a perfect fitment. I was already disappointed at that point.

The real work was to get the bumper on the car, though. The low price really showed here. Pulling, pushing, cursing, sliding, shoving – until all screws finally were in place. I even had to cut some plastic to make it fit.

The whole process (including realizing that a coolant change won’t happen today) took me a good 5 hours.
I really do recommend: Do not try to save money on that part, you’ll pay with your time and in the end it might not even fit at all.

Seeing the final result, it really was worth the work!


Will have to figure out where to put my license plate, though. I don’t really like the idea of drilling holes into my new bumper.

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