Target Locked

Target Locked

Last week I visited a small BMW event in Dresden, about 4 hours from home.

I planned on staying at the event hosted by Bimmer-Scorpions Dresden from Friday through Sunday, looking at some cars and talking to people.

Saturday afternoon it finally got a bit warmer so I put my jacket into the trunk. Do you know that very short moment where you realize you fucked up but it’s too late? I had that moment 0.02s before I closed my trunk. Key was in my jacket, jacket now is in the trunk and the car is locked. Great!

About an hour later, this guy was very determined to open the trunk:

Sadly, he did not succeed.
After he left, BMW-service confirmed via phone that they could send someone who probably would smash a window (presumably to get to the car’s electronics).

I then decided to convince my parents that they hadn’t been to Dresden for a while now and that it’s a really great city worth visiting. Luckily, they agreed and brought the spare key.

Lesson learned: The E60 can be a real pain in the ass when it comes to opening the car without a key. I know that these cars get stolen a lot but apparently there was no way for my yellow friend to do it the same way..
Another lesson learned: Do not lock someone in your car thinking they can get out. It’s very possible that they can’t.

Given the amount of alcohol I consumed together with the nice company, this didn’t cause me the level of stress I’d had if this would’ve happened on a regular day.

Also, Ivy earned her first two trophies that weekend! Here are some impressions:

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