BMW-Syndikat Ashphaltfieber 2017

BMW-Syndikat Ashphaltfieber 2017

Finally the day had come! I was so hyped about this event and finally it was there!
After I was there only on Saturday last year, this would be my first time to attend from Thursday through Sunday.

Actually, I was so hyped that I didn’t sleep very much and decided to just get going around 2:30am on Thursday. I arrived shortly after 5am and had to wait another 1.5 hours in line! At 5am! Official start of the event was scheduled to be 10am but first visitors arrived Tuesday (as usual).. Crazy people. I will be one of them next year I hope.

The main area was already packed, next to no chance on finding a spot. I had to go asking around which wasn’t easy at 7 in the morning. Most people were still sleeping. Eventually, I found a spot with some nice people who I also spent most of the weekend with.

Again, it was a great event and I’m already looking forward to next year. Unfortunately, I’ll probably have a brand new job by then which might not allow me to take vacation that soon. I’ll have to check how things play out.

I hope to meet a special friend again, those cars in the featured image just belong together.
Here are some photos I took:

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