Here’s a small FAQ which may be extended at any time.

Q: Who the hell is this guy?

I’m Chris, 21 at the time of creating this blog (born in 1995) and living in Germany.

Q: What car does he drive?

I drive a BMW 530d E60 built in 2004. As the name suggests, it has a 3L diesel engine which produces 218HP.

Q: And how much?

On a monthly average I move the car about 1200km while my way to work is less than 800km. With my (unhealthy) driving habits it swallows 11l/100km.
I plan on publishing my statistics on the first of every year. They’re tagged ‘statistics’.

Q: Why won’t he censor his license plate?

Censoring each image takes time and effort I don’t want to spend.
Due to privacy laws in Germany it’s not even that easy to find me via my license plate. Also there’s a much easier way to find out where I live right here on the blog. Please tell me before you come visit.

Q: Why is this blog in English?

I just don’t have an issue writing this in English. This also gives me the opportunity to reach more people with this blog.